Christine Evans
B.A.  I.T.E.C.  Dip A.M.  Dip E.I.

My background as a therapist began with massage, and I still believe in its power.

Massage may be used purely as a tool for relaxation on a physical level and as a means of feeling deeply nurtured. In a warm and safe environment you can feel your aches and pains melt away. Tensions can be dissolved leaving you peaceful and content both mentally and physically. These benefits of massage can be gained regardless of how frequently you come; weekly or just once in a blue moon.

The style of massage will vary according to your needs and mood on any given day. It could be soothing and slow, or uplifting and invigorating. It will always be respectful.

Sessions last one hour beginning with a brief conversation about how you are and what you need from the massage on that day. You will then be left to undress as much as you feel comfortable with, and after the massage I will leave you time to get dressed again.

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