Christine Evans
B.A.  I.T.E.C.  Dip A.M.  Dip E.I.

By adopting a curious attitude we can uncover our ingrained habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Including the body as well as the mind we can uncover more of these habits and know ourselves intimately. From here, we can learn new ways of being that hopefully lead us to greater satisfaction.

In Body-Centred Psychotherapy we explore together your physical sensations, thoughts and feelings, allowing space for what wants to be said or what wants to happen. The aim is to gain the freedom we knew as children, before we learnt to interrupt our expression, before we began to limit ourselves.

In an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, and supportive challenge we pay attention to what is going on here and now, in you, and between us. The client/therapist relationship may highlight your automatic ways of relating that might not serve you anymore.

The sessions may involve touch and this will always be with your agreement. The work takes place in chairs, standing, moving and either sitting or lying on a futon on the floor. Nourishment is a key focus of the therapy, and so we will pay particular attention to what feels physically and emotionally good to you.

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